Our company works a number of years as a producer of protective devices providing an explosion protection of protected equipment in the case of possibly explosion inside of this equipment. Because manufacturer's and user's requirements on technical apparatus and their servicing safety are continually increased as well as requirements of state competent authority (for health and safety), obviously tendency of our company is to reach the best possibly technical parameters of all passive protection components produced by company.

Due development of these passive protective devices all our products are still innovated and passing the tests consequent upon issued standards and regulation. At the present the latest research results in field of explosion pressure venting are implemented in new design series of protective devices and their derived variants. This new series is designed in such a manner not to require significant interference with design of present technological equipment. Standard connection flanges or easy assembling without flanges with type "UMD" including diaphragm fastener minimise interruption of technological procedure in the event of activation of protective devices. You can use , according to technological process requirements, devices with thermal insulation, which prevents thermal losses and condensation inside of equipment (vessels) or devices with anticorrosive design. Special protective devices with anticorrosive design are appropriate for condition in food industry.

All protective devices as described above are in compliance with the most severe ISO standard in field of venting a dynamic explosion effects and so have a minimum weight of a diaphragm, what has an critical influence on dynamic stress during explosion on construction of protected equipment. Static bursting (opening) pressure is possibly choose with great accuracy according to service requirements in range of 3 kPa to 20 kPa without reference to possibility of pressure pulsation inside of equipment. The protective diaphragm is supported in one point by bursting (protective) element, which determine static bursting pressure. When a bursting element is broken by rising pressure during an explosion or by exceeding of static bursting pressure, the whole cross section of venting opening is released immediately without any restriction.

All these characteristics of protective devices were verified and tested according to Czech standard ČSN EN 14797 and pertinent standards including new harmonised regulation in accordance with EU requirements by Czech national testing institute No 210 - Physical Technical Testing Institute. The construction of devices reflects also a process of application designing and use of protective devices in certain conditions of technological equipment. Complex procedure for calculation, sizing and positioning of venting areas with application of protective bursting devices is introduced in directive , which was translated by National testing authority SZ 210.