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Dear Sirs / Madams,

For many years our company has been dealing with self-development and production of safety systems inteded to protect industrial technologies from explosion.

Our development focuses on the latest know-how applications in the field of pressure relief during the explosion and is based on the study of conditions interfering with the explosion process. The construction, functionality and testing of our products are in accordance with current European Standard and test programs. This results in products with the highest utility values, which have become exceptional on domestic and foreign markets.

The first group of products is represented by the type assortment of protection diaphragms intended to protect industrial technologies from dust-air explosive mixtures. The high quality of protection diaphragms is determined by their technical specifications. The most significant is the efficiency, which is higher than 95%. The high efficiency is given by the ability of instant release of vent area of safety device. Static opening pressure is defined by a safety element, which breaks when the set pressure is reached. Static opening pressure can be selected with high accuracy in accordance with the working requirements at the range of pstat = 3-30 kPa. Diaphgrams are also able to equalize possible pressure pulsation. They show a long working life and simple installation. Some types do not have a connecting flange and the diaphragm is inserted directly in the technology housing. Explosion diaphragms comply with Czech Standard CSN EN 14 797 and they are tested in accordance with harmonized Directives.

To our consumers we offer a technical assistance and calculations of technical risks including computation of vent area, type recommendation and quantity of protective devices.

The next group of products is represented by flame arresters intended to protect industrial technologies from destructive effects of flame propagation or explosion in pipe-line systems and in places, where inflammable gases and vapours are stored, transported or ventilated. They enable the flow of gases and vapours but prevent them from transferring the flame. Flame arresters are designed in accordance with the requirements of the new European Standard EN 12874, EN 1127-1 and EN 50018. Flame arrester elements are of square or circular design. Both designs are exceptional as they form a compact body, which is connected to a pipe-line systém through reduction flanges. The solidity of flame arrester elements allows their size and weight minimization, simple installation and connecting to pipe-line systems, simple maintenance and quick element replacement.

Health and safety protection requirements are quaranteed by conformity testing with EN 12874 as requested by European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). Certification authority - Physical Technical Testing Institution (FTZÚ), Notified body 1026.

Protective devices are of the Czech development origin and are under international patent protection.

Dear Sirs/Madams, we hope that you will find our catalogue useful and helpful in answering your requests in the field of protective devices especially their high qualities under extreme conditions.


We ensure assembly and servis by trained staff in the place of installation for every aplication.